During the 2018-2019 school year, I assisted as a Technical Artist and 3D Asset Producer for an academic project called DreamEscape. The project was for a year-long graduate level Capstone Design course for students in the Game Design & Development Masters Program. Although I was not enrolled in the course, I worked as a part of the team to help create assets and collaborate to create the game's visual style

Ship Screenshot 1 Ship Screenshot 2

Pirate ship model in Unity

The main model for the first level is a pirate ship. We decided on a simplistic/cartoonish style for the game, so I created the model in Blender and textured it in Substance Painter to fit the theme. After importing the model into Unity, I added a toon shader along with some other low poly assets. Additionally, I implemented a water shader and skybox from Unity's asset store

Wireframe ship Screenshot 1 Wireframe ship Screenshot 2

Wireframe views of the model in Blender

One of the assets I created is a cannon, which is animated using shape keys in Blender. I also created a particle effect system to go along with it in Unity

I also created a generator model that could be triggered and activated when players were within range. I created an on state animation, as well as a lever switch animation. After creating the model and animations, I created an animation state machine in unity with variables that could be easily altered by other scripts in the project being written by other developers.

Generator activated Generator lever flip

Generator model animations within Unity